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Major website update

The theme has been modified with an interface softer and clearer.

New libraries added :

- Buses : Nova Bus LFS.
- Cars : Dodge Durango.
- People : Black silhouettes, Outlines silhouettes, Dancers silhouettes.
- Trucks : Mercedes Sprinter van (Dodge Sprinter in Northern America).
- Hatches : Stucco 1, Stucco 2, Tiles 1.
- Plants : Cherry plum, maritime pine.

For Intaglio users, some other of the available libraries have been updated to Intaglio.

Trucks, tips and tricks and more

New libraries :

- Cars : Volkswagen New Beetle
- Trucks : VOLVO articulated hauler, Mercedes Econic refuse truck
- Plants : Banana tree, sketch trees top, sketch shrubs front, sketch trees front
- People : Sketch people

A new Tips and tricks section in which you can give your tricks for PowerCADD.