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Architecture section added

A new architecture section has been added with 2 new libraries : Wooden driveway gates and chainlink fences.
In the plants libraries, a new vine is available, trumpet vine, and a set of multicolored plants libraries in top view.

A new Gallery section is now open in which you can post your drawings made with PowerCADD.

New libraries

There is a little problem with the domain name. The site is moving to another provider and there is delay so is not working anymore for a little time until the transfer will be definitely effective.

Bugs fixes.

New PowerCADD libraries added :

- Buses : Volvo 7700 articulated diesel and CNG.
- Cars : Ford Crown Victoria.
- Plants : trees from Matthew Arnold.

New Intaglio libraries added :

- Cars : Ford Crown Victoria.

Major website update

The theme has been modified with an interface softer and clearer.

New libraries added :

- Buses : Nova Bus LFS.
- Cars : Dodge Durango.
- People : Black silhouettes, Outlines silhouettes, Dancers silhouettes.
- Trucks : Mercedes Sprinter van (Dodge Sprinter in Northern America).
- Hatches : Stucco 1, Stucco 2, Tiles 1.
- Plants : Cherry plum, maritime pine.

For Intaglio users, some other of the available libraries have been updated to Intaglio.

Complete new design, new libraries available

The web site has been completely redesigned, with a new theme, and has also been localized in French.
Added a shopping cart, it wasn't done before because there was a security treat in the code to enable it.

I took the time also to create some other new libraries :

- Cars : Ford Focus sedan 4 doors (Focus ZX4 in Northern America).
- Trucks : Mercedes Sprinter van (Dodge Sprinter in Northern America).
- Hatches : Stucco 1, Stucco 2, Tiles 1.
- Plants : Cherry plum.

Now that the web site design is finished I will take the time to work on plants.

If you have ideas for new libraries or you have drawings to share in the gallery, contact me.

Trucks, tips and tricks and more

New libraries :

- Cars : Volkswagen New Beetle
- Trucks : VOLVO articulated hauler, Mercedes Econic refuse truck
- Plants : Banana tree, sketch trees top, sketch shrubs front, sketch trees front
- People : Sketch people

A new Tips and tricks section in which you can give your tricks for PowerCADD.

Web site updated

The web site has been updated with a new interface more eye candy and more intuitive.

The home page is also now introducing all the news of this web site.